Fernando Reyes, dancer of Spanish origins, started his professional studies in the Netherlands at the age of 17
Fernando Reyes, dancer of Spanish origins, started his professional studies in the Netherlands at the age of 17. He decides very soon to move to Spain, the land of flamenco and of his family in order to study Spanish ballet in well known dance academies in Majorca, Andalucía and in the “Conservatorio” of Madrid. His passion for the Spanish Dance and the professionalism of professors such as José Aguilar, Maria Rosa Merced, Alberto Lorca and José Granero turn him into a professional dancer and, at the age of 21, he gets the official certificate of “Maestro de Baile” ( Dance Professor).
After getting the official title of dance professor, Fernando starts working in different dance academies. In these years Fernando is offered the great opportunity to perform with the “Ballet Nacional de España” ( Spanish national Ballet) under the direction of the famous Maestro Anotonio Ruiz, better known as “Antonio el Bailarín”. The experience with the National Ballet gives to Fernando the possibility to perform in prestigious theatres all over Europe such as, for example, “Teatro La Fenice”, Venice, “Teatro La Scala!”, Milan, Royal Carré Theatre, Amsterdam and many more.
Fernando goes back to Spain in order to perform with very well known ballets mostly in Majorca; these are the glamorous years of the big shows such as “Es Fogueró”, “Casino Palladium” and “Son Amar”. Fernando works with these wonderful ballets as a dancer and as a soloist dancer showing his professional knowledge of flamenco, “clásico español” and regional dance.
The international cultural and artistic backround of Fernando encourage him to start his own Ballet and dance school in the Netherlands. During many years Fernando makes wonderful choreographies and performs with his 15 professional dancers in the biggest European theatres and takes part in different TV dance shows mostly in Benelux and Germany making the beloved Spanish dance known also far away from Spain. In these years Fernando cooperates with famous artists from Spain and Benelux making choreographies, videos, performing during concerts and during the exclusive galas of the Dutch Red Cross with the national Orchestra of the Netherlands.
Other great opportunities are offered to Fernando when he is asked to perform with his ballet for the launch of the film “Zorro” with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins in Holland and for the car launch of Citroén Xara Picasso in Amsterdam.
The love towards Spain and “his” island made this great dancer and choreographer come back to Majorca where he is performing with his fabulous Spanish Ballet.